Tyrese Gibson Back for Transformers 5

More than meets the eye...

Originally posted by Scott Sedman

In what seems to be shaping up as Michael Bay’s swan song to the Transformers franchise we have another cast member returning to the franchise and it is non other than Tyrese Gibson. You may know Gibson from the Fast and Furious series but within the realms of Transformers he played Robert Epps who starred alongside Josh Duhamel as the main military presence.

Tyrese Gibson and Josh D

Tyrese and Josh as Epps and Lennox

With more and more characters returning to the film which is currently shooting is it possible that we could see the return of Sam Witwicky aka Shia LaBeouf…probably not but we can hope right?

Transformers The Last Knight sees Mark Wahlberg return as Cade Yeager alongside Peter Cullen voicing the one and only Optimus Prime. The film is due out 23rd June.

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