Finding Dory Kicks Captain America Off The Top Spot

Just Keep Swimming...

To nobodies surprise smash hit ‘Finding Dory’ continues to rake all the monies in, making an additional $20.4 million in the U.S box office this weekend. This means ‘Finding Dory’ swims past ‘Captain America: Civil War’ as the biggest movie of the year so far.


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This makes Cap sad…

This is just in the U.S for the time being as both Captain America and Zootopia are currently way ahead of Dory worldwide. Finding Dory has earned a global total to less than $700 million, as opposed to the $1 billion-plus earned by Civil War yet the little blue fish is yet to open in many territories so it’s likely to over take it at some point.


Finding Dory earned an estimated $136,183,170 in its opening weekend beating ‘Shrek the Third’s’ opening $122 million making it the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated film. ‘Finding Dory’ has the third-highest-grossing opening weekend of 2016, behind Captain America: Civil War and the disappointing ‘Batman Vs Superman’.


Whether Dory can take Captains crown worldwide remains to be seen, but the healthy numbers suggest it is definitely in the running. Either way a certain mouse will be swimming in cash as Disney properties are sitting in four of the year’s top five spots with Finding Dory, Civil War, Zootopia, and The Jungle Book. The only non Disney movie in the top five is Fox’s Deadpool, BUT since that’s a Marvel property Disney is probably profiting of that movie in some way too.


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