New No Man’s Sky Video Focuses on Trade

Resources are your currency

Playstation has released a short video that focuses on the trade mechanic in No Man’s Sky.

The short video gives us a brief look at the ways trade will work in the highly anticipated game. Players will be able to gather natural resources and trade them for exotic items. These gathered resources will also act as payment for upgrading suits, ships, and weapons.

No Mans Sky | Pillar Trailer 3 - Trade | PS4

Sony explained:

“Resources are a vital part of exploration, trading and survival. No Man’s Sky has its own periodic table of elements – some familiar to our world, some new and unknown – and each one is used in different ways. Some can be used to craft new items and weapons once the player has learnt the technology.”

“While planets might be unexplored, they aren’t necessarily uninhabited. Alien races have their own distinct languages, which can be learned a word at a time at ancient structures or through conversing with the aliens themselves. Unlock their vocabulary and your chance of a successful interaction increases, raising your standing with them.”

“Common resources on one planet could be scarce in another – mining on one planet to sell on another can be a lucrative trade. Players can also craft Products from resources, which can be sold for higher prices – discover a certain race’s preferred Product and you can make a living from supplying them.”

Hello Games are currently releasing a number of short videos that highlight some of the in-game mechanics. This may be because there has been some confusion amongst fans as to the moment to moment gameplay. Hopefully these new trailers help those who were still perplexed.

No Man’s Sky will release August 10th in the UK and Europe.



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