New Dad, Seeks Multiplayer

I've got an itch

Thank you to everyone who has read my words and engaged with me over the past month. It’s been a hectic but enjoyable time experiencing my new family.

Gaming wise it’s been a disaster. You can read #1 Games, #2 Beer and #3 Time to catch up on my ‘journey’ and see how I’ve previously been fairing (sorry, everytime I read the word journey I to groan but my brain is currently so addled I could think of no better words). Anyway, onwards for another month and a hope that there is a change in fortunes regarding gaming time.

I know it’s Bruce Wayne but this could easily be Don Draper resplendent in his office and glowering at the thought of Harry Crane’s existence. I enjoyed Mad Men but it’s a character peice and not much actually happens. Perfect for a Telltale experience. ‘Give this man a creative roll at Telltale’ I hear you cry.

I really enjoy the Telltale games and the decision based, slow choice making experience would be perfect for my situation. The chapter format and chance to explore the environments at your own pace, splashed with some time sensitive events, would fit my start stop gaming. Remember all, pause is an underused mechanic.

Theres a lot going on onscreen in Paragon

Theres a lot going on onscreen in Paragon

I’ve got an itch. The kind of itch that can only be scratched by some fun, competitive multiplayer gaming. For that reason I purchased Battleborn through the 2K Humble Bundle and, for free, picked up Paragon through PlayStation Plus. I’ve yet to play either because to have a suitable chunk of time for a match when E needs nothing is proving impossible. A competitive multiplayer game is definitely not baby friendly.

I have however watched Aadil play a round of Paragon, E snuggly resting in my arms so there was no room to hold a control pad. Suffice to say Paragon didn’t really grab me. I’ll try Battleborn when I get around to installing it, E is elsewhere and less important tasks need to be performed. Currently the itch is left unscratched.

New York City is beautifully rendered in The Division

New York City is beautifully rendered in The Division

The Division does multiplayer as a cooperative pve experience. I enjoyed playing the game solo but felt that it excelled when putting players together in both the instances and the Dark Zone, the pvp areas. Like most MMOs stepping away from it and jumping back in is difficult. I didn’t stop playing because of E arriving. I’d stopped playing weeks before the event as other games took the fore. Now to try and catch up with the other players to experience the beautifully crafted new environments of the additional content will not be easy and I just don’t have the time nor inclination to grind for gear sets and hit max level.

In the thread streaming from the previous Division tweet I suggested that Battlefield 1 would be my go to multiplayer game for the year. The Battlefield community manager, who’s doing a fantastic twitter job, jumped into the conversation to chat about my expectations. Ultimately I’m hoping that by the games release I’ll have regained some of my gaming time. At least enough that I can play an online match in battlefield uninterrupted. This is still a couple of months off and E will undoubtedly have changed into a child who requires nothing from me. This will allow me to get into some of the longer game modes and really engross myself in the period and all out war.

You may have noticed that I’m super excited for No Man’s Sky. The multitude of planets to explore and plunder, ship battles and endless vastness of space call to me like no other game has for a long time. There is also the impending sense of utter isolation. If there is multiplayer in No Man’s Sky the developer has said, due to the games vast size, you’re unlikely to encounter anyone. Now that is a huge draw. Like ThatGameCompany’s Journey multiplayer worked fantastically in a non traditional format. It was about a shared experience and heightened the enjoyment of the desolate, often hostile environments. The idea that I may encounter someone at any moment or never at all is an exciting layer on to an already impressive looking experience. If I’ll have time to experience anything at all in the game is another matter.

Unlike last week’s post which ended with a glimmer of hope this week’s cannot. I’ve played nothing. I haven’t even had time for a swift match in Rocket League.

E has not been my friend this week when it comes to game time. OK she has been ill and doesn’t want to be put down. I hope that it clears up soon, more for her of course I’m not a monster, although some gaming time would be nice.

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