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First of all, I would like to thank outoflives.net for the opportunity to work with them on my content, this is my first week with the site and I’m looking forward to settling into my new home and getting to know the other contributors.

Anyway, this week’s progress has been pretty good overall, but it has also been a lot of trial and error.  Been trying to get clothes and hair and eyelids to work properly, and they are all nearly there.  Her clothes work properly and animate with her correctly, but because it has no thickness and rests directly on the skin I am getting some clipping issues.

Her eyelids animate using random timers to instigate blinking which I think is really cute, but I haven’t bound them correctly to the animations of the player, so moving the head detaches her eyes from her face which is a bit terrifying, but I have some ideas for how to fix this and will hopefully have it tidied up for next week.

And her hair is proving to be a nightmare to get working as intended, what you can see in the video took 10s of hours of fiddling about to achieve, I have had many issues from her being completely consumed by hair to the elasticity affecting the bounce way too much to the point that it was stretching miles with each step the player would take.

Also, we made a start on player customization, hopefully pretty soon I can finish this off and get it all synced across the network, but it’s making it very complicated since everything is done with the tablet and I want to be able to represent every button press and screen state each player is currently interacting with.

Thanks for popping by and I hope you pop in to check on my progress I will be posting next Thursday.
-Joe Friend

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