Baby Driver – Movie Review

One of the best Movies this year

Baby Driver is directed by Edgar Wright and it stars Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Jon Bernthal. Our main character in this film is named Baby, he likes to make mixtapes out of conversations that he listens to, he’s partially deaf and he just happens to be a fantastic getaway driver.

I have never really liked an Edgar Wright film, they’ve never clicked with me, for me his movies are a lot of style over substance, so I was really unsure what I was in for when it came to this film. With that all being said this is one of the best movie I’ve watched so far, all year.

This movie is filmmaking perfection, the chase sequences are some of the best I’ve ever seen, they all looked practical. I fell in love with all the characters, the film also heavily utilises music in a lot of ways and the music throughout the movie is its own character. What else I loved was this film felt like a dream sequence throughout, which might put some people off, but it just clicked for me.

Ansel Elgort is great as Baby, a young man just trying to settle his debt with Doc (Kevin Spacey). He was really good in the action scenes and the more intense moments, but he is also a character that’s very stone cold: He doesn’t speak too much, he mostly listens to his music on the multiple iPods he has, and because of the music he listens to it helps flush out his character.

Jamie Foxx was frickin insane in this movie, in a good way. He was so sly and cool and really badass, I loved him in this movie. Kevin Spacey as you would expect is great as well, he has his signature way of delivering a lot of dialogue very fast in a very deadpan manner, yet somehow conveying so much emotion without really too much expression. Jon Hamm is amazing, he so charismatic and great, to a point I thought he might be the best performance overall in this movie.

Lily James is so cute and awesome here, she plays the love interest that Baby meets and that is when things start to get a little topsy-turvy for him. I’m seeing a lot of people saying this is where the movie falls for a lot of people, that the movie slows right down and nothing is much happening, and I completely disagree with that. It’s the second act that makes you understand Baby as a character the most and yes, the romance might happen really fast, but both Elgort and James have amazing chemistry together and they sell you on the fact that they are falling for each other, which really helps you care for what happens in the third act.

But don’t worry guys because if the second act didn’t work for you, the third act really picks up once Baby makes some decisions about his life and then we get a lot of really amazing action sequences still with the amazing performances from everyone.

Edgar Wright directed the crap out of this movie: There’s barely a boring shot; everything looks phenomenal; the cinematography and all the camerawork is top-notch, but what everyone will be talking about in this movie is the soundtrack. The songs are all very unique and they all have a purpose in the movie. They are very much incorporated into the way certain scenes are edited so they flow with the action you’re seeing.

Edgar Wright has completely blown me away with this film and this film is easily Glorious.

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