Despicable Me 3 – Movie Review

We still haven’t had an outstanding animated film this year

Despicable Me 3 is the latest entry in the Despicable franchise. In this one Gru, the evil supervillain turned good guy, voiced by Steve Carell, who has three young girls he has taken care of and now a wife, voiced by Kristen Wiig, discovers he has a long-lost twin brother Dru and they go on adventures together.

I liked the first two films, I thought they were a lot of fun. The Minions film was really bad though, just like Pixar did with Cars 2, taking a side character and making them the main character just doesn’t work out very well. The Minions did kind of make over a billion dollars worldwide so what do I know, but I was still thinking did we need another Despicable Me movie. After watching it, I’m now asking more than ever did we really need another movie, this is a bad movie, it is truly all over the place.

I’ll start with this, the voice acting across the film is very well done, I can’t take that away from the film whatsoever. The CGI is all top notch, the evil supervillain voiced by Trey Parker who is an old actor from an 80s TV show who loves to breakdance fight and shooting people with bubble-gum is great and the little girl Agnes is adorable throughout the entire movie.

What lets this film down is the story itself, there are two movies with different multiple subplots throughout the film and it is jarring as hell. Gru’s brother Dru gets irritating very fast, Lucy (Kristen Wiig) didn’t have the charm that she had in the second film, Margo (Miranda Cosgrove) Edith (Dana Gaier) are both just shoved to the side and let’s not forget the Minions who have become the class clown. They have just shoved them in this movie because sadly they make money, they don’t make any differences to the plot whatsoever.

It’s a shame because we still haven’t had an outstanding animated film this year which is really disappointing with the fantastic animated films we had last year from Zootropolis, Moana and Your Name.

Despicable Me 3 is a film I would wait to Netflix.

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