Spider-Man: Homecoming – Movie Review (Non-Spoilers)

Finally, we have the Spider-Man from the comic books that I’ve been crying out for

Spider-Man: Homecoming is directed by John Watts and stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man reprising his role that he was introduced in Civil War, and this is the sixth big screen Spider-Man Adaptation we’ve seen since 2002 and we are finally getting to see the Vulture portrayed by Michael Keaton in this film.

Here we’re introduced to a Peter Parker who’s in high school, he has high school kid problems, he has to get to school on time, he’s got to make it to homecoming dance, he’s at a decathlon, he has to do all of this stuff while balancing being Spider-Man, that’s what makes Spider-Man such a great character the fact that he’s just a normal kid who has everyday problems.

The great Stan Lee has said before that why he feels the public relates to Spider-Man so much, because he like us, he’s got everyday problems but he’s also a superhero and Tom Holland portrayed both Spider-Man and Peter Parker perfectly.

Finally, we have the Spider-Man from the comic books that I’ve been crying out for, the character has a lot of innocence and purity and that’s what’s so important about Peter Parker, it’s not just the fact that he has superhero powers, but he’s an everyday kid in school with problems, but he’s also this amazing superhero at the same time he’s very naïve and very innocent and they capture that beautifully.

This is the best that Spidey has ever been since Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, this is an adaptation that understands the character but also understands that it also needs to be different, this isn’t just another rehash of what we’ve already seen before.

Seeing Vulture on the big screen was exciting because back in the day Sam Raimi was going to do that for Spider-Man 4 but the plans fell through and Michael Keaton did a really great job, his character had a surprising amount of depth to him that I didn’t expect and along with Keaton’s great performance the Vulture doesn’t become your everyday MCU villain, and joins the ranks of Loki as a great MCU villain done justice.

All the casting was great Marisa Tomei as a younger Aunt May was a really nice change of pace, Jon Favreau returning as Happy Hogan was so awesome as always and was nice seeing him back as the character, Robert Downey Jr was perfect in his mentoring role.

Jacob Batalon as Peter’s best friend Ned is great in this movie, the relationship and the chemistry between Peter and Ned is so fun and so funny and there is a character called Karen I’m just going to say is great, had me smiling and laughing all the time.

The Action is great with Spidey’s quirky one-liners, the visual effects are all top notch here, the score is very well done.

The only thing is why did they call it homecoming?

Everybody, we have finally got the Spider-Man movie that I have been wanting for so long, the character Spider-Man has never been this good, added with one of the best villains in the Vulture, along with all the fun high school stuff we have a Spider-Man film that isn’t just great, Spider-Man: Homecoming is Glorious.

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