Cycle 28 Lunch Time Let’s Play

It's time to repeat the cycle, again

Join Ben as he delves further into Cycle 28, a 2D arcade space shooter from Pillbug Interactive.

The game released on steam and is building an avid community around it. Ben explores the gameplay, chasing high scores and the mystery that is the story. It’s got a brilliant low-fi aesthetic and a killer accompanying soundtrack.

“As Olivia Bergen – a flight lieutenant that has become separated from her fleet – you only know Cycle 27. You live it over, and over, and over again. And if that wasn’t bad enough, every time you drop from warp they are waiting for you.”

More info on Cycle 28 and Pill Bug Interactive can be found at


Ben is like a fine wine, he spends far to much time in cellars. He deliberately developed a stutter and a slur and walks with a limp to conceal his raging alcohol problem. Once beat up a fish for looking at him funny. Ben hosts the Tanked up podcast, but we are pretty sure he isn't aware of that.
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