Skyscraper – Movie Review

You can fix anything with duct tap!!!!

Skyscraper is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and Stars Dwayne Johnson as Will Sawyer a former FBI agent who’s in the Largest Skyscraper in Hong Kong called ‘The Pearl’. With his wife Sarah (Neve Campbell) and their two child, when terrorists take over the building and set it ablaze. With his family trapped, Will must use every tool at his disposal to fight to save his family.

I can picture it now at how they pitched this movie, they throw three darts at a wall to see what sticks, and they landed on Die Hard, Towering Inferno and Johnson, and it’s the best random throw ever, because Skyscraper is a ludicrous over the top great summer blockbuster that doesn’t take its self to serious and is a great pallet cleanser.

Rawson Marshall doesn’t do anything ground-breaking with his directing, he does the smart thing by making sure you get to see everything on screen, from the over the top action scenes to the death defining heights that will make you feel queasy when seeing the Rock climb a crane then perilously jump off said crane, to hangout out the building (upside down), to holding a bridge together with his sheer straight alone.

What I wished we didn’t see that much was the villains who are sadly not Hans Gruber and are more like the villains from Johnson other film of 2018 Rampage, over the top, cartoonish and never felt like a real or credible threat.

But what makes this film so good is Johnson and his family, you like the characters, Johnson shows his vulnerable side and the struggles he’s gone through, Neve Campbell is a badass and Skyscraper even decided to have none annoying child actors, and even though one of them has inconvenient Asthma as a plot point, you care for this family.

Die Hard it isn’t, but it’s an incredibly entertaining blockbuster with its own personality with likeable characters, great over the top action and it has the Rock.


The Final Verdict

Should you go watch Skyscraper? Yes

Why? Because Die Hard + Towering Inferno + The Rock = Skyscraper

But! Watch out for the Cartoonish Villains

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