Kaiju are giant. Enormous. They are impossible to miss. You’d know if you saw one, you would just know. Yet in SSSS.GRIDMAN a lot of them manage to fade...

Kaiju are giant. Enormous. They are impossible to miss. You’d know if you saw one, you would just know. Yet in SSSS.GRIDMAN a lot of them manage to fade into the background. Standing like mountains in full view yet seemingly almost invisible. After a few episodes I realised that I’d not noticed them in a scene until a good 10 seconds in. It’s the opposite of what you expect to happen when a Kaiju is on screen. The mystery of what they are doing standing still, like mountains in the background, is one of many that are thrown up early doors in the show. I mean, if that doesn’t pique your interest I don’t know what will.

If you are of a similar age to me then you were the perfect age for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. A show who’s pyrotechnics budget was the stuff of Michael Bay’s wet dreams with ridiculous giant monsters who get fought by the Megazord piloted by the Power Rangers. The Megazord coming to be by each of the individual Ranger’s Zord combining together. If you are of a similar age to me, or a little older, you’ll have been the perfect age for Transformers. Not the Michael Bay affairs, the animated series in all their cell shaded glory. If you like either of these shows then SSSS.GRIDMAN is for you. Surely you are interested now?

You know… there’s something off about this scene.

The use of 3D animation mixed in with the 2D animation is excellent here. You’ll know which is which but it is used smartly and with excellent quality animation across both. So it’s a good looking show. In addition to the mysterious nature of the world as I’ve mentioned, the characters are interesting as well. I absolutely adore Reika, her character is by far the most interesting and entertaining to watch as she grapples with what is a seismic change in how she understands the world she exists in. The other members of what is dubbed “The Gridman Alliance” get their moments to shine as well, however Reika is secretly the star of the show in my eyes.

The story is a nice and short one. 12 episodes is enough to wrap things up. With well paced episodes making that feel like just the right number. I don’t think there is room for a sequel though I’d quite like there to be one. Though it is difficult to see how they would do so whilst returning to the same characters. It must be counted as a good sign that I would like to see more of them. This brilliantly fun, mysterious homage to those paragons of my youth. It’s worth checking out if you can.


SSSS.GRIDMAN is available on Funimation Now in the UK.

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