The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Review

Supermassive has you covered

Reviewed By: Correy ‘MCFixer’ Spearman

Played on: Playstation 4

Developed By: Supermassive Games


The newest game from Supermassive, Man of Medan, is one I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Would it live up to its predecessor Until Dawn?

In my first playthrough of Man of Medan, I played online co-op with fellow games journalist Laura Kate Dale and it was an experience that I have never had before in my life.

No voice chat. No clue what to expect. Just two friends, playing a game and influencing each other’s story.


Gameplay / Story

Man Of Medan is an Interactive horror Game that allows you to play a fantastic story.

Playing co-op was my favorite way to play, it not only allows you to enjoy the company of a friend but also allows you to influence the story and really impact where the story goes.

I don’t want to talk too much about Man of Medan’s story due to the fact anything I would say would spoil it, but what I can say is that it has 5 playable characters who each have they own way of doing things, some are charming and happy go lucky, some are nerdy and brave some are cute and smart but I’ll leave that for you to find out for yourself.

There are 3 ways to play Man of Medan. Play alone, play with friends online and play local movie night mode where you and 2 to 5 friends can each take control of a character and pass the controller around the room.

Man Of Medan’s Gameplay is simple, most of your gameplay will be you moving around the world and having moments where you will be given options to impact the story. Other than that you will have many moments of Quick time events that come in all shapes and sizes.

For people who dislike or may not be able to deal with Quick time events? Supermassive has you covered with their accessible options in the setting menu.



While playing Man of Medan for the first time I was happy to see how beautiful it looked.

Supermassive has done a fantastic job with not only the world that has been built here, not only character models but all of the world’s environments look amazing. I was playing on a Normal PS4 on a 4KTV and the game at moments was quite remarkable to look at.

In my time with Man of Medan, I did experience some texture pop-in and gameplay slow down but this only happens when I played in the games Movie Night mode for some reason.


Final Verdict

Man Of Medan is a really fun solo and party game experience. It tells a story that I found interesting, but am still trying to figure out for myself. After two full playthroughs I’ve still not been able to keep everyone alive and get the happy ending I wanted, but that’s the joy of this game. Every time I’ve rolled credits so far it makes me want to start all over again and correct my wrongs and see all of the other outcomes.

Man of Medan keeps you on your toes and expects your attention, all of the time. No looking down at your phone for a moment because it could cost you someone’s life. Yes, I’m speaking from experience. The game has set a new bar for what interactive Story-driven games can do and should 100% be played in Co-op first if possible.

The game still has me wanting to find every single last piece of information throughout this game and to finally get my happy ending.



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