Final Fantasy 7 Remake Looks Immense

Can I have it now please

I love the Final Fantasy franchise. I haven’t played all of them, far from it. I came into the franchise with the PlayStation having missed out on the earlier games as I didn’t have any of the Nintendo systems growing up. Final Fantasy 7 was my first, it was my first jrpg too and it changed how I think about games forever.

It’s huge scope, insane story and an art style I hadn’t seen before blew my tiny 13 year old mind. So you can imagine that I’m pretty excited for the Final Fantasy 7 remake. I’ve been lapping up the information we’ve seen so far but the Tokyo Game Show videos have been something else. The trickle of information we’ve had, from the newer combat system shown to the game having a classic mode, have me wanting the game now. I can’t wait for March next year, I just want to play it now.

There has been a lot of confusion over this game after its announcement years ago. We don’t know the extent of the project. Will this instalment just be the Midgar sections or take us any further into the story when they leave the city? We don’t know. What I do know is to me it doesn’t matter. My time to game is limited these days and if I can experience this game anew in shorter, manageable bursts I’ll be very happy. There are also a ton of games out and coming out to play. Back when FF7 first released it was the game I had. We didn’t get many games and I remember ploughing a considerably amount of my time into it. I finished it back in 98 but returned to it again in my late teens. That time I played it all, beat all the weapons, raised a little golden chocobo and smashed Sephiroth with the Knights of the round and several well equipped materia.

I want that experience again so I’ll be interested in how this game is split into separate parts. What each of them brings and how the different characters will be introduced, surely we get Red 13 in this first instalment.

For now join me in appreciating exactly what this game is going to bring us next year.


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