Third Time Lucky

Xbox could take the lead in the hearts and minds of gamers

Hello again!

Since E3 is right around the corner (Yes I checked and it is there) I figured I should probably jump on the bandwagon of predictions and crackpot theories. But I’m not going to since at the time of writing this half of the “surprises” have already been announced by publishers desperate to avoid leaks and of course the rest have actually been leaked by over eager retailers/websites as always. The only thing more guaranteed than some retailers leaking important info before E3 is that Ubisoft will leak Assassins Creed within days of the scheduled reveal, every year.

So instead of that here are the 3 things I’m looking forward to most at E3 2015!

Number 1 is No Mans Sky. A procedurally generated planet exploration space game that will contain trillions of planets, to visit them all will take several million years… (Challenge Accepted!) I am a huge nerd for Physics, Astronomy and Space exploration etc, and this is ticking all the right boxes for me. Apart from a few trailers, there has been precious little so far in terms of how it will function when I sit down in front of my PS4 and get stuck in, so I’m looking forward to seeing a hell of a lot more from that game at E3 either at the conferences or just videos from the show floor. It’s all about the gameplay! Show me some and tell me when it’s coming out please!

Number 2 is EA’s press conference because of course that is where all the Star Wars is going to happen! If Battlefront is concentrating on the regular battles between Rebels and Storm Troopers will we see a Space dogfighter game, a real time strategy “run the rebellion/empire” game or will we get an open world RPG where we can all be Jedi or Sith. Lot’s of options here, lots of old franchises we could see make a return. Plus Bioware is one of the best Developers in the business at the moment (Top 10 at least), I loved Dragon Age: Inquisition so any news on that front would get me excited plus of course there is the long rumoured Mass Effect trilogy that may or may not be announced and Mass Effect 4 could make an appearance. All in all I am expecting a rather good conference from “the worst company in the world”.

Last but not least is Sony’s press conference, this is the moment to deliver some magic and build some more momentum. The last 2 years they’ve ridden the wave created by their #4thegamers attitude and slogan, not to mention the dismantling of Microsoft’s initial plan for the Xbone. They’ve had some well earned goodwill to tide them over when they maybe haven’t quite delivered on the 1st party exclusive front, particularly in the AAA space of gaming, but it’s running out and if they don’t act now then Xbox could take the lead in the hearts and minds of gamers. Sony have so many studios, some with more than 1 team, that have been quiet for a long time. Some of the studios haven’t yet released a game on PS4 so I’d be willing to bet that it’ll be changing pretty quick. Uncharted 4 has left a big hole to fill this year, I’m looking forward to seeing what Sony are going to reveal. The re-mastered trilogy will help, particularly with gamers like myself who had a 360 last gen and missed out on these first time around but it isn’t enough and needs some fresh new titles to release beside it this autumn.

If The Last Guardian makes an appearance as rumours suggest and is playable at E3, even if it’s press only access, the internet will literally melt down, so fingers crossed that happens.

So that’s 3 things I’m looking forward to at E3, what are you looking forward to? Let me know on Twitter @adamthomas1994, comment below or post on the IGN UK Podcast Facebook group. Just tag me in, I’m Adam Thomas and this is the Plenty of Lives Blog.

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