The Weekend Mock: Crash Bandicoot 2017 Confirmed

In Case you haven't guessed - This is not true...

With the world still hitting the dislike button on the latest COD trailer, and the same rumors that arise every year about a new Crash Bandicoot, you would think Activision learned their lesson about hiding popular games behind new releases.

Over the weekend Sony Executive Adam Boyes confirmed via twitter that Activision still owned the rights to everyone’s favorite house cat Crash Bandicoot.

The tweet started a chain of events that surprised everyone, Activision who where keen to take negative focus off of the Infinite Warfare trailer quickly announced the gerbils return from the dead with “Crash Bandicoot 1”, Exclusively bundled with 2017’s Call Of Duty Infinite +1 Warfare Jumpy Jumpy Shooty Shooty Premium edition.


Calll Of Duty Infinite +1 Warfare 

The 125 Australian Dollar premium edition also includes a keychain hand grenade, and a poster of Alyson Hannigan cos-playing as the popular one legged Pigeon.

The internet was quick to offer support for the amazing deal with Reddit User ‘yourhavinganeogaf’ writing “I wish all developers could be as fan focused as Activision, not only are we getting a sequel to the greatest future shooter of all time, but a true video-game classic character makes his comeback in this 3 level spectacular.”.

Having no crash game since 2009’s poorly received Final installment “Crash Bandicoot: Crash harder” which saw the Character take a darker tone as he scurried around looking for energy drinks.

So whether you feel this is a welcome return or not, we here at out of lives welcome Crash back.

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