One Piece Burning Blood – Launch Into Action Trailer


Bandai Namco have released the launch trailer for fighting game One Piece Burning Blood.

Embark with the Straw Hat Crew and collect your bounty in this anime fighter. Use Devil Fruit abilities, Haki techniques, and punishing combos to turn the tide in the ultimate One Piece battle royale. Step into the New World with over the top head to head combat featuring all the action, drama and comedy of this infamous pirate saga. Similar to the Grand Battle! series, One Piece Burning Blood is a 1-on-1 (and up to 9 vs 9) fighting game.

One Piece Burning Blood is coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Ps Vita on June 3rd in the UK.

One Piece Burning Blood - PS4/XB1/PC/PS Vita - Launch into action (Launch Trailer)


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