Rocket League – Neo Tokyo Announced

"The largets update in the games history"

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Psyonix has revealed details about its latest and largest update to Rocket League to date, Neo Tokyo, which will be free from July 20th. The update has a lot of content, including new arenas, item drops, chat customisation options and achievements. It also marks the start of Season 3 for Competitive Play :

Rocket League® - Neo Tokyo Trailer

The Neo Tokyo Stadium began life in the Rocket Labs Playlist, but has been refined, polished and made fit for the general map rotation.

The update will also start Season 3 of competitive play which will reward players with exclusive Rocket Boosts that reflect their final rank from Season 2.

The Item Drop System is getting a few tweaks with players now being able to trade in multiples of items, new painted categories being added, and a new “Certified” classification for items which will allow players to track specific stats.

All three platforms will receive 8 new Trophies/Achievements.

On top of all this, the new map “Pillars” will be put into rotation, as was detailed earlier.

Finally to match the new Stadium, two new premium cars will be made available, the muscular Masamune, and the agile Esper, both of which will be obtainable first in the boxed retail release, and later as DLC.


The New Neo Tokyo Themed Cars, Masamune on the left, and Esper on the right.

The retail version of Rocket League will be in stores from June 24th in Europe, with the two cars being available to download from July 18th.

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