ESO: Dark Brotherhood DLC And One Tamriel Reveled

Not at Quake-Con
Bethesda has announced that the latest Elder Scrolls Online DLC — The Dark Brotherhood, will be making its way to consoles on June 14.
This DLC, which  focuses on assassin’s groups in the Elder Scrolls universe — The Dark Brotherhood,  released on PC and Mac a on May 31 and already makes its way to consoles
Bethesda has also announced that Elder Scrolls Online will be adding a new feature called One Tamriel. This new feature will disregard the level differences between all of its players, allowing a giant playable open world to everyone
If Elder Scrolls Online manages to catch your interest, then the brand new Brotherhood DLC seems like a good time to jump in. Or you could wait until October to jump back into Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with the Skyrim Special Edition.
Surprisingly Bethesda didn’t mention if ESO will be at Quake-Con.
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