Power Rangers First Look and Character Posters!

It is almost morphing time!

Originally posted by Scott Sedman

From all the promotional material released to the casting of Bryan Cranston as Zordon 2017’s, the Power Rangers movie is really starting to sound like it could be good. With San Diego Comic-Con just a week away we have been given our first look at the movie and some character posters.

Rita Attacks

Rita attacks Trini (Yellow Ranger) In the first still from the film

We can’t take much from this image, other than apparently Rita knows the identities of the rangers and goes after them, or at least Trini played by Becky G. What is interesting is the closer look at the costume of Rita which looks a lot better than the previous publicity shot from Entertainment Weekly.

Rita First Look

First look at Rita courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Next up we have a look at the character posters, which other than the names and corresponding ranger colours there’s not much to take from them, but they look cool.

Jason Billy Kimberly Trini Zack

The increase of marketing material leading up to Comic Con leads us to believe that some footage will be shown – if not a full trailer being released – and of course, we will be covering it here on Out of Lives so stay tuned for everything Power Rangers.

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