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You couldn’t ask for 2 more different games but there are few that would argue that the developers in question deserve your money

We have heard recently, news regarding 2 collectors editions of games released in 2015 to huge success and fanfare. The collector’s edition for Psyonix’ break out hit Rocket League is out now and CD Projekt Red confirmed to Gamespot (who asked them directly after age ratings for it were spotted by someone on Twitter) that a collectors edition for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is in the planning.

You couldn’t ask for 2 more different games but there are few that would argue that the developers in question deserve your money. Psyonix and CD Projekt Red are very different companies but they share something very important – they respect their players. I’m not saying that isn’t true of most developers but very few go to the lengths these 2 have done. Few offer up free DLC, few would completely redesign their User Interface nearly a year after release. I could go on but let me give you a final pitch for each game.

Rocket League was free on PS+ for the first month of its launch, that means they didn’t see a penny from most of the PS4 players that enjoyed the game. I’m sure a deal was done and Sony paid them etc. But that’s besides the point. There’s some new content in this edition, you can also buy it at retail to put on your shelf if you wish. Ultimately however they deserve your money because this was one of the best games of 2015 and they have added more to it and helped nurture their online community etc. They even told Sony and Microsoft they want to make Cross-Play between platforms a reality… That’s bold and they deserve your support.


Hoops – One of the free modes added to Rocket League after launch

CD Projekt Red made a statement when this game released. They released 13 pieces of free DLC and 2 large expansions, which came later, showing everyone who forgot how things should be. Some extra missions, alternative looks for characters and armour shouldn’t be paid for. But big 20-30 hour chunks of extra game should and they are called expansions. When you add all that to the fact that they could have cut the main game in half without changing anything and release it in 2 parts and nobody would’ve known. It’s so large it could’ve been 2 games.

Basically what I’m saying is, in a world full of pay to win, on disk DLC and other things gamers aren’t exactly aren’t happy with, this is your opportunity to encourage a different sort of behaviour. Buy these collectors editions and show them that if they treat gamers well they’ll reap the financial rewards.

Do it now!

PS. After writing this article Psyonix announced micro-transactions are coming to Rocket League. You can find my thoughts on this and how they handled it by clicking, here.


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