Too Many Players For Multiplayer in No Man’s Sky?


The multiplayer in No Man’s Sky has been called into question after two players managed to get into the same space station but couldn’t see one another.

Redditor TheGalacticCactus took to the No Man’s Sky subreddit to explain the situation as it unfolded.

“I warped for the first time today. The Star system I landed in was discovered by a user named Psytokat… so I messaged him asking him to meet me at a space station. We are currently 4 systems away! We will meet at a space station.”

“We are 100 percent in the same station same spot and everything and we cannot see each other.”

After a number of people suggested server issues, the two of them logged out and back in and even moved to a nearby planet to see if they could meet there, but no luck.

Sean Murray took to Twitter a little while later explaining that the amount of people playing was the issue.

Murray later posted on Twitter that, in fact, two players had met each other live on a stream but again someone watching said they couldn’t see one another.

Whether or not this issue will be resolved down the road remains to be seen, but the possibility of players meeting each other was a major selling point to some. Others aren’t so worried and are enjoying the freedom to do as they please.

We’ll keep you updated should two players finally lay eyes on each other.


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