More Evidence No Mans Sky is Coming to Xbox One?

You decide

A new piece of evidence is doing the rounds on Reddit and NeoGaf today which people are suggesting is more confirmation of No Man’s Sky coming to the Xbox One.

The new piece of evidence in question comes from GAFer (as she calls herself) Dragonbane. She claims her friend is data mining the files on No Man’s Sky and has made a discovery relating to the physics engine.


While this piece of so-called ‘evidence’ is a little thin it has convinced some, but others are a little bit more skeptical. Redditor Frogloggers said,

“Even though I do think it will eventually make its way to the Xbox One, I don’t really see a single hint at it going to Xbox One. It’s just the Havoc engine license, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a game like Uncharted 4 contain a similar file. There isn’t even a folder for an X1 prototype like there is for PS3/360/PS4, and the PS4 file is under the name of “ORBIS” which suggests that the development predates 2013 and I’m doubtful of Sony having made an agreement with Hello Games at that time. Either way, it’ll probably come to X1 (maybe at least), but this isn’t much evidence at all…”

Redditor Coolzymcfly responded by saying that this is the first 24 hours of data mining so there could be more confirmation to come.

Earlier Sean Murray, the head of Hello Games, did slightly hint to The Daily Star that the game would be coming to Xbox One but was swiftly cut off by a Sony representative, adding more fuel to the metaphorical Xbox One fire.

So what do you think? Let us know below.



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