Titanfall 2 Campaign To Be 8 Hours Long

Exploring the relationship between Pilot and Titan

The Executive Producer of Titanfall 2, Drew McCoy, has revealed that the sequel’s campaign will be around eight hours long.

The news came during a Titanfall 2 event last week in downtown Los Angeles. McCoy also gave some insight into the campaign’s pacing at the event, explaining that the game will include puzzle-like navigation through environments and significant sequences of dialogue between Pilot and Titan, “There’s a lot of downtime. There’s no dialogue or explosions for minutes at a time.”

“It’ll be plus or minus [eight hours], depending on how good you are or the level of difficulty you’re playing on.” Game Director, Steve Fukuda added, “It’s a very solid campaign, though.”

The Titanfall 2 campaign will focus on the relationship between Militia Rifleman-turned-Pilot, Jack Cooper, and Titan, BT-7274. The main story will be explored and told through an almost buddy cop/road movie narrative allowing the players to experience the relationship between Titan and Pilot and their struggles along the way.

As well as the main narrative, a dialogue tree was shown allowing Cooper to respond to BT a number of different ways. However, neither developer would comment if these choices would have an effect on the story later on.

Earlier this week a number of videos were released showcasing the new single-player aspect of the game giving fans a preview of what’s to come. You can find a 4K video of the campaign below.




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