Many First Steps

We’ve each written a paragraph about our own first planet, it’s unique characteristics and taken a screenshot for you to admire. Enjoy.

No Man’s Sky is finally out and is taking the world by storm, the homes of all of us here at Out Of Lives are no exception. Each of us has taken our first tentative steps on our journeys throughout the Universe. So, we thought we would share them with all of you. We’ve each written a paragraph about our own first planet, it’s unique characteristics and taken a screenshot for you to admire. Enjoy.

(Ben Nother – Co-host of Tanked Up!)
My starting planet shone from the moment my eyes opened. A golden yellow hue engulfed the land and all that lived upon it. Mountainous and covered in coniferous trees it was a cold and frigid landscape contradicting its golden colouring. The beasts I encountered were dog like but showed odd variations like beaks, antenna and armoured torsos. I think for the cold environment I expected more fur. As night descended the sky turned a neon green slowly creeping into a deeper, darker shade as the planet turned. As in the day the surface of the planet took on a green glow mimicking the colour of the sky. It was cold, lonely and massive.


Ben's Beginning

Ben’s Beginning

(Adam Thomas, Co-Host of Out of The XFire)

I found myself on a goldilocks planet worthy of the name. The temperature was in the late teens, the flora and fauna were lovely and not in the least bit dangerous at all. At night the planet was covered in a gorgeous purple that could take your breath away. Basically, everything was just right. Everything, that is, apart from the toxic rain. Just like in real life nothing is perfect here either. The toxicity resulted in more than one mad dash for safety as my suits protections ran out and I became exposed to damage. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and as I move forward on my journey, I’ll never forget where it all began.

Adam's Beginning

Adam’s Beginning

(Jimi Martin, Co-Host of Out of The XFire)

So after the delays, the wait and the secrecy (behind NMS gameplay) I finally picked it up at the midnight launch in my local store. After a short update I booted my game up and was liking everything I saw in the 5 mins with the loading screen of star clusters and soundtrack. Once I woke on my first planet the first thing that struck me was how deserted it was. Apart from the odd sand looking floor it was sparse greenery that resembled the Sahara desert. Rock formations of nothing untoward and after seeing certain screen shots of people’s planets I felt left down with my opening scenery. This spurred me on to explore even more and see if there was anything exciting awaiting. After around 20 mins of walking to a checkpoint on my map (I could have flew but I wanted to take in my surroundings). That’s when it happened. I walked over a large rock formation, and it was like finding the lost city of Atlantis!! The sky became a beautiful purple/pink in the light, a giant planet could be seen in the sky and what looks like giant mushrooms shot up out of the ground, as if reaching up to touch it. I was in awe at how stunning it looked, strange creatures roamed around the planets lost paradise as ships criss crossed across the sky above. From this it made me realise that NMS had potential to be an outstanding looking game and I am intrigued to hyperdrive to my next planet.

Jimi's Beginning

Jimi’s Beginning

(Luke Kear, Writer & Editor @

My very first planet was Afranistref-Neyaga, which looked like the Colorado Plateau as drawn by Ralph McQuarrie. My ship was wrecked atop a precipice, and as I first walked to the edge, I was awestruck by the sublime view of plateaus and the sheer drop beneath me. It was like Sean Murray himself had plucked me from the multitude and set me on a podium to perform for his entertainment. Having safely tested my jetpack, I had wrongly deduced that I’d never get back up to my ship so would need to fix it there. I set about mining all the resources I could from this tiny elevation but within a few minutes I was attacked by the space police and was forced to drop to the lowlands. It all felt suitably epic for my first foray into this universe.

Luke's Beginning

Luke’s Beginning

Here lies the beauty of No Man’s Sky, our first steps are all taken in different places on Alien worlds that are somehow familiar but with hints of the strange, the unusual and the undiscovered. We are left to find our feet in different circumstances with flora and fauna that is somewhat recognisable to us from our experiences on the pale blue dot we call home. We see hints of the stranger things to come and now we can head off to discover them.

Exploration and discovery… it has a beauty all of its own.


Adam is a Writer, Editor & Podcaster here at Out of Lives. He casts a wide net across popular culture with video games & anime, in particular, featuring heavily in his work for the site. Hailing from a town just outside Glasgow, this Scotsman can usually be found roaming the Northern Realms on The Path or behind the wheel of a Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Car.
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