United Front Games to announce Smash and Grab

From the developer of Sleeping Dogs

It looks like United Front Games, developers of Sleeping Dogs, are to announce a new game titled Smash and Grab. United Front Games teased on twitter on 22nd August that they would have exciting game news coming very soon.

Purely based upon the few leaked images, posted by @ekim_gaf on NeoGAF following the tease, the game looks to be a multiplayer team based Hero battler.

The Roster?

The Roster?

As described by Ekim_gaf his interpretation of these images suggests Smash and Grab has three factions and will be more melee-centric. There seems to be, in this image, 18 characters to choose from. The logo image suggests there are announcers who cover their faces with masks. Ekim_gaf interprets that you smash stuff and grab money or valuable items. That Characters look half The Warriors, half other stuff and there are Katanas, Nailguns and Hammers.


Let’s get ready to rumble

This is also backed up with a trademark filed for the game which became “Approved For Publication” only two days ago.

Of course United Front Games have yet to release images or announce the game officially so there is no information on platform or any dates for release. More details are sure to follow.


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