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"The universe of Halloweentown has an abundance of lore just waiting to be explored"

Halloweentown, a beloved classic from 1988, is a film filled with otherworldly creatures and enchanting magic in a world unlike our own. The universe of Halloweentown has an abundance of lore just waiting to be explored and it brings an alternative perspective to Halloween traditions. Don’t worry about spoilers in this article as I won’t be covering the main story; instead focusing on the history and culture of Halloweentown.

In the beginning, before the existence of Halloweentown, creatures and humans lived together in what was known as the “Dark Times”. During this era humans feared these unexplained creatures and sought to eradicate them from the world. The creatures only wished to live unified with the humans but rose against them for their crimes and began to turn evil. To prevent further chaos erupting between the two sides, the creatures created Halloweentown so that they could live in peace away from danger.

One thousand years on and both worlds have changed dramatically. Halloweentown has every normal facility that would be available to the human world such as a hairdressers, a gym, a sauna, a dentist and of course a broom shop. Yes, us humans have broom shops too, should you feel the need to add a little magic to your day. Though flying after 8pm could get you a fine and a less than charming psych evaluation.

Witches’ Microwave

In the centre of town lies the Jack-o’-Lantern. It’s the heart of the town and without it havoc can arise and cause chaos throughout Halloweentown. So there’s that. Once you get familiar with the town you’ll probably hear about Gort. He is essentially, the junk king. Anything lost in both worlds, always ends up in Gort’s front garden. The money you “lost” to your desires of wanting new clothes…Gort probably has it all.

Time flows differently through the town compared to that of the human world. One day in Halloween town or a week (if it’s holiday season) could be one hour in our world. Thus is the reason for Halloweentown being ever-changing each year the bus comes to town. Oh I didn’t mention? You can get a ride through to Halloweentown on All Hallows’ Eve in the human world by hitching a ride on the magical number six bus. Exhilarating, I know! Of course should the bus ever be out of service or just late, you know what buses are like, then you can summon up a mythical portal to take you there.

Marnie and Aggie

The Cast

Just as the older generation of humans complain about how the world has changed over the years, so does the older generation of creatures of Halloweentown. They discuss how humans seem rather jaded with Halloween and how they have become uncomfortably accepting of the frightening wonders that the holiday can bring. It’s all because of “Jerry Springer” apparently. There’s no need to fear the rise of a hideous, unknown monster when you see it everyday on Jerry Springer. Ooo, Burn…

Currently there are 4 movies out for the Halloweentown universe so you should definitely check those out this Halloween. Who knows, maybe you’ll come to know the famous Cromwell witches or Benny the skeleton, a bone-afide comedian and taxi driver for psychic cabs. I urge you to get involved with the universe as there is tons more lore waiting for you to explore!

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