Alien: Covenant – Movie Review

No one directs Sci-Fi like Ridley Scott, no one!

Alien: Covenant is directed by Ridley Scott and is the sequel to Prometheus but also the prequel to Alien. In this film the crew of the ship “Covenant” is heading to hopefully colonize and start a new life on a new world, but they find out there’s a much closer planet with better vital signs, so they decide to go there first and of course, that is a bad idea.

I have said a million times of my love towards Alien and Aliens, I adore those movies, and I know I’m in the minority when I say I really liked Prometheus. I found that film to be a very smart and risky Sci-Fi movie but a lot of people complained that there were no Xenomorphs.

So, this time around rather than continuing the Prometheus storyline the team have decided to mash together Alien, Aliens and Prometheus and Alien: Covenant is where these films converge.

We finally get some answers about certain things that were left hanging in Prometheus. Although for most part this is a movie that has a Prometheus feel, it is an Alien movie right from the beginning, from when you hear Jerry Goldsmith’s score, done by Jed Kurzel, to how the film’s title comes on the screen, it’s Alien.

No one directs Sci-Fi like Ridley Scott, no one! And just like the first Alien movie, here he has given us a gorgeous film that is very bold and that has a lot to say, it’s not just about the Alien creature.

Some of the ideas present in Prometheus are explored more in this film. There’s a storyline that I will not spoil for you, that involves someone trying to persuade a character into sharing their viewpoints, that I found utterly fascinating throughout the movie.

I really like this movie and there are two sequences in this movie that are so on the edge of your seat level, like the first chestbuster sequence in the original movie and the caesarean sequence in Prometheus, that will have you in awe. A lot of that has to do with the incredible production design, amazing direction, score, editing, performances and CGI. All of it really comes together well in a few specific key moments to really heighten the intensity level, with some bloody sequences that were highly satisfying.

Acting was really strong by everyone, but the standouts are Danny McBride who was amazing for me, and of course Michael Fassbender, who really carries this movie in a lot of ways, he has a lot of work to do in this movie and he owns every second.

However, all films are not perfect (Apart from Alien and Aliens) and there are some issues I have with Alien: Covenant. A lot of it comes down to the tone, there is definitely a point in which Prometheus converges with Alien and Aliens, and it’s that point that feels off. It’s very exciting and fun to watch and everything looks amazing and what not, but the dramatic shift in the third act that I was excited for, fell a bit flat.

Catherine Watterson’s character wasn’t bad but I really didn’t have much interest in her, I can see people watching this and finding the characters rather disposable. Another issue that I have is that you can pretty much always tell when someone’s about to bite the dust. They use that cliched horror route of having to go for a smoke or a shower which is really disappointing for me, and there are some script decisions that again I can’t get into without spoiling it that don’t work as well.

Guys Alien: Covenant isn’t a perfect movie, but it is a really good one that I can recommend seeing in the Cinema and hopefully they fix the issues in the planned sequel.

Well that’s my two cents on the film Alien: Covenant, please let me know what you think of the film down below and as always, I am Mr Moody and it’s been my pleasure to serve you.

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