What’s in the box? Dark Invasion/Extreme Evolution Starter Deck Unboxing

Cross Worlds is here...but what does it mean?

Dragon Ball Super Card game’s third set has just arrived and the worlds are truly Crossed whilst we have had various Super and Z arcs covered in the first two sets of Galactic Battle and Union Force respectively. We now have the original Dragonball and GT entering the mix, oh yes! That means apes and lots of them, but that is for another article and another video. Today I got my hand on one of each of the starter decks that usher in the era of the OverRealm and I will be showing you exactly what you get inside and what as a semi-competent player makes of the cards inside. So join me as we brace for Dark Invasion and Evolve to the Extreme! Its the first installment of What’s in the box?!

What's in the Box? Extreme Evolution / Dark Invasion Unboxing #DBSCG

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