Dragon Ball Super Card Game: UK Meta Report Week 2

Beerus enters the Battle

In what is only the second weekly UK Meta article for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game we have quite a shock week, Decks we thought would remain in the top are suspiciously absent. Those being Cell and the Androids, although a pleasant surprise to see in the last weeks report that they topped. Now they are essentially replaced. Will they return next week only time will tell my gut says no but there’s an ever-growing sample of locals to source from.

The second shock or a shock to others who aren’t myself. I am talking about the fact that Beerus managed to take a win in locals this week. Yup, a leader who in a fast-paced format we are in managed to get an infinite combo going. it was a tough battle with most rounds being 2-1 but to have topped with Beerus was super fun and I cannot wait to tackle the Bristol tournament with Beerus.

That being said in the local tops cuts we saw Bardock sneak into relevance still so someone out there is still holding on and more power to that person! It seems Ginyu is a tore de force for the UK Meta it remains to see if a paradigm shift can happen in Bristol to change this but until then continue to support the superb reports MyWifeHates games are doing and you too can be a part of it by emailing [email protected]. Below is the second week’s video so please check it out and let him know OutofLives sent you!

UK Meta Report #2 - You can't win with that! Hold my Beer(us).

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