Hardspace: Shipbreaker – The First Ship

Adam plays shows the highlights from his first foray into the world of zero g spaceship salvage

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is available now through Early Access on Steam. Developed by Blackbird Interactive & published by Focus Home Interactive, Hardspace: Shipbreaker is an exciting game with a bit of a twist. As the title suggests, your job is to break up space ships, in space, to salvage valuable parts for your employer and to pay off the massive debt they’ve saddled you with.

In the video below, Adam embarks on his first foray into the business and to say it doesn’t go entirely smoothly is to understate things a tad. The game works brilliantly however Adam does not. Employee of the month? I don’t think so. Watch this short video with a few highlights of things going wrong during the tutorial. Expect more videos soon, more in-depth articles about the experience of playing the game and, more than likely, some bigger calamities in the not too distant future.




Adam is a Writer, Editor & Podcaster here at Out of Lives. He casts a wide net across popular culture with video games & anime, in particular, featuring heavily in his work for the site. Hailing from a town just outside Glasgow, this Scotsman can usually be found roaming the Northern Realms on The Path or behind the wheel of a Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Car.
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