Love, Simon Movie Review

It’s feels very authentic

Love, Simon is based off of Becky Albertalli book and stars Nick Robinson as Simon Spear, a young man in high school who has one secret, he has a happy life he has great friends a family that cares about him, He has a mother and father played by Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel who care for him quite a lot, but Simon is understandably concerned that if he tells his secret to his family that his life will never quite be the same and that secret is that he’s gay.

He’s never come out about it, he’s never told anyone about it, but he’s known for a while now and when he develops an online relationship with someone who’s also gay but hasn’t come out yet, this give Simon the courage to do a lot of things he was always been afraid to do.

This is a mainstream teen romance told from the perspective of a gay man that’s very uncommon, it’s something we haven’t got a lot of these days. It’s brilliantly written, the cast are amazing, it’s very well directed, and it is amazing film.

Nick Robinson gives his best performance to date, he’s painfully real but he’s not over the top where you feel like he’s begging for sympathy, this is also a major plus of this movie. It’s not looking at Simon’s character and asking us to feel sorry for him, it’s asking us to relate to him.

It’s so easy to relate to Simon in his predicament, if you’ve ever had any struggles in school of any kind? People you wanted to like or maybe did like but you just didn’t have the courage to express yourself or maybe you were constantly bullied in school? There is something for everybody to appreciate in this movie and it’s not just a mainstream teen romance.

It’s feels very authentic, something a lot of teen romances fall into is that need for every other scene to be a big dramatic moment, this film takes its time with it’s characters and with its story.

I have one issue with the film and it’s how the writers dealt with the films antagonist by the end, it just feels cheap sadly. but at the end of the day Love, Simon is triumphant success and is a film I highly recommend you all to go and see.


Final Verdict

Should you go watch Love Simon? Yes.

Why? Because it’s an extremely relatable and charming film with amazing performances.

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