Crash Bandicoot Game To Be Announced At E3?

Clues point to yes

The rumour mill for E3 is in full effect already and clues are circulating online to suggest everyone’s favourite Bandicoot will be making an appearance at E3 this year.

So what makes us say that? Let’s study the evidence.

Firstly, people who have played ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ have stated that there’s a Crash Bandicoot Easter Egg in the game. What makes this interesting is that there is no mention of Activision in the game who currently hold the rights to the character (as far as we know anyway.) This has led to speculation that Sony has indeed acquired their I.P back.

Secondly, voice actor, Lex Lang, who voiced Dr Neo Cortex in previous Crash Bandicoot games put this message out on Facebook.


And finally someone named BruceLeeRoy has been posting strong hints about the characters return to the popular Games Journalist forum NeoGaf. BruceLeeRoy was the one who also broke the Activision/Playstation Call of Duty relationship as well. You can find his messages here.

So what do you think? All signs point to yes but you can never be sure in this business. I have my own fingers crossed that we get a new Crash Nitro Kart. Let me know what you think below and which game you would like to see Crash Bandicoot return in.


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