Where is Marvels Gaming Universe

The MCU has taken the movie world by storm so where are the games

It’s a good question, a very good one, when you take a minute to think about it. Marvel Studios have set the world on fire on Screen and behind it in recent years; It isn’t often that Hollywood’s boat gets rocked so hard everyone notices but that is exactly what Marvel has done. Since Iron Man and The Avengers, the creation of the single biggest movie universe has been nothing short of a revelation. Whether you love the films or hate them, there is no denying how successful they have been.

That success is built on the solid foundation and the approach the likes of Kevin Fiege has taken in building the MCU. The meticulous attention to detail, the planning years in advance and being willing to part ways with talented directors and writers because their vision doesn’t fit with the wider MCU.

Marvel Studios have been making big waves in Hollywood in recent years

Marvel Studios have been making big waves in Hollywood in recent years

So where are the games? With the exception of the Lego games, and the recently cancelled Disney Infinity, there haven’t been any at all from Marvel. Gaming is bigger than ever so it seems like a strange omission. With news that Disney are getting out of Games publishing and rumours of a Spider-man game being in development, surely the conditions are right for Marvel to jump into the Games scene.

I certainly wouldn’t expect Kevin Feige to be working on this as well as keeping a grip of the Movie Universe so perhaps they should have a separate Game Universe that someone else can oversee. There is plenty of precedent for a parallel universe to exist in Comic Book properties so it isn’t such a far-fetched idea. Movie Spider-man is Peter Parker (Spoilers) but perhaps the games could feature Miles Morales as Spider-man as an example. Different enough to be distinct from one another but we still get a cool Spider-man game that you’d recognise as such.

Disney have also shown they are willing to work with games and do a deal for rights to their properties. EA have the rights to make Star Wars games and a similar deal could be done for the Marvel properties. X-men and Fantastic Four may still be excluded as Fox own the rights to them but all the others are fair game. Rumours abounded that Sony’s studio Sucker Punch might be making a Spider-man game which is certainly possible given that Sony and Marvel are now working together on the Movie side.

Will Ironman get his own game in the future?

Will Iron Man get his own game in the future?

What do you think readers? Should Disney/Marvel do a deal with a games publisher as they did with EA and the Star Wars property? Who should they do a deal with – Sony? EA again? Let me know what you think @adamthomas1994 on Twitter, in the comments below or on Facebook.

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