GOG Connect blows off Steam

GOG Connect launches with just over 20 titles

Ever wanted DRM free versions of the games locked away in your Steam library? Well want no more as GOG has launched GOG Connect, a service linking your Steam account to your GOG library.

This allows you to download and install select games that you already own on Steam, for free, through either GOG Galaxy or as a standalone install. This provides a DRM free version of the game. You can however only connect one Steam account to your GOG library.

GOG Connect launches with just over 20 titles including The Witness, VVVVVV and Faster Than Light: Advanced Edition. The games are available to import for a limited time, the current games listed are available for 5 days at the time of writing, thanks to the participation of the publishers and developers.

FTL (1)

Faster than light

GOG has also slashed prices on several games like Saints Row: The Third and System Shock 2.


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