Star Wars Celebration 2016

When Mete did Star Wars...

From Friday 15th to Sunday 17th July 2016, Star Wars Celebration Europe finally made it’s triumphant return to these Great British isles after a 9 year hiatus- and boy did it come back with a bang!

Although a lot happened over the three day ‘Force-filled’ extravaganza, I was able to make my trip down to London’s Excel arena on the third and final day to see what all the fuss was about!

Jumping on the early morning train I must admit that I felt some slight trepidation with what I was about to expect- I literally had no idea. The walk way to the arena was adorned with banners of all of your favourite Star Wars characters leading you on a pilgrimage to what can only be described as Sci-Fi Heaven.

Reaching the entrance, a tangible buzz filled the area as fans from all over the world to share in their love of Luke, Finn, Vader, Kylo et al- ranging from the new born babies to those getting on a few years!

The show floor was split in to two major arenas spreading London’s ExCel Arena with stalls from fan clubs, individual collectors and major companies offering every kind of merchandise.

‘Attraction’ wise, there were a number of different areas to dive in to some fantastic Star Wars themed experiences (to name a few):

  • A Rogue one exhibit had costumes and props on display from December’s upcoming release
  • Star Wars Celebration: The Live Show
  • Star Wars Trials on Tattooine VR Experience
  • Family Area
  • Lego Star Wars Arena
  • A number of different stages hosting talks and presentations from Star Wars ‘royalty’
  • British Droid Building Club
  • A number of different merchandise stalls

And loads more! To be fair there isn’t away i can do the event justice in words, so for more from the show floor and coverage of the day, why not check out the video below!


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