A Serious Skill Shortage

Unless you are 12 years old, have no actual responsibilities and no desire to go outside - you will have experienced this phenomenon...

Unless you are 12 years old, have no actual responsibilities and no desire to go outside – you will have experienced this phenomenon. Marathon runners refer to “The Wall” as a point during the race, ¾’s of the way through, where your body has used all its energy and to finish you must push through. I’ve hit a similar wall in Dragonball XenoVerse 2; The Skill Wall.


I’ve been gaming since I was 4 years old and like anyone with that level of experience I can pick up most games and quickly get to grips with the controls. DBXV2 has been no different; After a few fights I’d gained a good grasp of how the mechanics worked and found a fighting style that worked for me. I knew what I was doing, I could adapt and dominate all the enemies placed in my path – usually at the first attempt, but not always.

My 2nd character performing the Super Gallick Gun technique

My 2nd character performing the Super Gallick Gun technique.

This style has served me well through the ¾’s of the main story that I have played – plus all the side stuff I’ve completed. However, now the enemies I am facing are much more intelligent than before. They adapt much better to fights and can exploit my weaknesses. My offensive prowess is unquestionable but my defensive ability is lacking.


I know the basics of blocking attacks, using the snap-vanish move to turn an exchange of blows in my favour but that is it. For some reason, I haven’t mastered the side-step which, from what I gather isn’t a difficult move, it importantly doesn’t consume stamina which the “snap-vanish” does. Stamina is a valuable commodity in DBXV2, if you run out of it for any reason you become wide open to a hefty pummelling from your opponent and there won’t be much you can do about it.


There are other techniques that I’m aware of simply because an AI opponent has used it to great effect and handed my arse to me on a plate as a result; but I won’t bore you with the details any longer. Ironically though, I’m not writing this article to complain (Despite what you may think – although it has been good getting this off my chest) quite the contrary is true. I’m grateful.

My character next to his holographic statue.

My character next to his holographic statue.

I’m grateful that there is another level above what I’ve achieved thus far. That while I’m being challenged I’m not being overwhelmed (not counting on stupid side mission… AAARGGGHHH! I’ll beat them soon enough and oh, how proud I’ll feel) by it. I know that it’s not the game that’s failing, it is me but more importantly I know why. I know my limitations and I can seek out solutions and conquer them.


Taking inspiration from all those brave marathon runners before me – especially those insane enough to do it in costume – I shall push on! Through the wall and into the promised land where skill flows freely and the sun does shine.


Thanks for reading!


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