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Podcast Review – No Such Thing As A Fish


Episodes Reviewed : 53 – 156

Average Episode Length: 43 minutes1

Release Schedule: Weekly (Friday Release)

Formats: Audio Only


Dan Schreiber, Anna Ptaszynski, James Harkin & Andy Murray (not of Tennis fame) are researchers for the BBC TV panel show, QI (Quite Interesting). Known as the QI Elves they spend a lot of time looking up interesting and often little known facts to feature on the show. In addition to all that hard work, each week, they bring 4 of their favourite facts (one each) from the last 7 days and have a chat about them into some microphones.


If, like me, you love learning about “quite interesting” things then this podcast is absolutely for you. Here are a few examples of the interesting facts brought to the show: The smallest football league in the world is on the Isle of Scilly and features only 2 teams. You can’t set fire to the newspapers in the British Library’s Newspaper Archive, that’s 16 million newspapers. And final example, they played music to the astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon.

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There’s a good dynamic in our regular group of hosts, as colleagues and friends they know one another well and that shows in the incredible conversations that take place. They are confident and not afraid of sounding incredibly silly, which has happened on many occasions. Occasionally one of the regulars will be replaced by a guest, very often these are other QI Elves although that is not always the case. In addition to the occasional special guest that is not a colleague of the regulars on the show (such as comedian Tim Minchin), the creator of QI himself, John Lloyd, has made several appearances.


The quality of the production matches that of the content. Both are excellent and the show does not suffer from any of the annoyances that are all too regular in many podcasts. No need to worry about clipping, bangs, clicks or hums/hissing. The occasional live show recordings that they have done do suffer from an expected dip in quality due to the increased background noise and the sub-optimal recording conditions. However, they still fall within an acceptable level of quality.


A podcast about obscure facts featuring some great banter and laughs all the way through each episode? Yes Please! Consider this a high recommendation.


Please Note: Some of the earlier episodes are no longer available for free as they have subsequently been released for sale.



Website: http://qi.com/podcast/

RSS: http://audioboom.com/channels/2399216.rss

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