Tanked UP, Good Chemistry and Chance & Counters get smashed

The biggest collab of the year

That’s right, Ben is joined by Sam of Good Chemistry brewing and Steve, Dickie and Kit from Chance & Counters, a Bristol based board game cafe, and this is only part 1.

It’s the biggest collaboration of the year! We chat all things Chance & Counters, who they are and what they do. We get into the beer they’ve brewed with Good Chemistry brewing and the LARP Halloween event they designed and are running at GC brewery this Halloween weekend 2017. There’s talk of Star Trek, artichoke hearts in Fallout, fresh IPAs and hazy beers, First Person Shooters and iteration and we delve a little into Dickie’s video gaming.

We drink some beers, of course. We start with the Burning Sky / Fork ‘Les Amis Du Brassage’, sample the big Good Chemistry / Chance & Counters ‘Bonne Chance’ and the Lervig / Warpigs ‘Socks ‘N’ Sandals’ before moving into Belgian beers with ‘Kriek Boon’ from Brouwerij Boon and ‘Orval’ from Brasserie dOrval.


Ben is like a fine wine, he spends far to much time in cellars. He deliberately developed a stutter and a slur and walks with a limp to conceal his raging alcohol problem. Once beat up a fish for looking at him funny. Ben hosts the Tanked up podcast, but we are pretty sure he isn't aware of that.
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