Dragon Ball Super Card Game: UK Meta Report Week 1

Go Go Ginyu Veggies

Cross Worlds is here okay it has been here a little while, but we can start to get a grasp on the current UK meta. First, up the veggies package is seeming to be dominant as it is in America. The veggie package consists of Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale. The trio of green cards is very intimidating especially as Kale can be played for free which makes it a quick critical strike to the opponent’s life. The veggies coupled with Ginyu as a leader to help draw and hit the cards you want as well as allow for Shugesh to be run as Ginyu is a yellow leader allowing for his combo ability to pop off.

Aside from that, the major surprise from this weeks meta report was seeing that the Cell chain is still strong in the UK meta. With Apes, Androids, and Pan looming in the wings its a surprise to see Cell sticking to his guns and hanging in there it’ll be interesting to see whether he can continue to be relevant.

For a more detailed analysis of the current UK Meta you can check out MyWifeHatesGames weekly run down wherein we get the information. You can also help shape the meta by emailing [email protected].

UK Meta Report #1 - Where is Haru Haru?

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