OutofLives x BuyTGC.cards; What does it mean?


OutofLives is always striving to achieve a new and interesting approach to bringing new and engaging content to you our audience. We are always actively looking for partners who share said ideologies and in doing so I am pleased to announce that for the foreseeable future OutofLives.Net will be partnering up with BuyTCG.cards.

What does this mean for you?

To cut straight to the point this means a lot more content in addition to all the regular articles and podcasts we will now be able to expand into card games more specifically we will be beacon for Dragon Ball Super Card Game in the UK, covering tournaments, product reviews and deck profiles with everything in between, as always we welcome anyone wanting to contribute.

The other focus card game, for the time being, will be the rebooted Cardfight Vanguard following a zero to hero series as I delve head first into a new card game and see if I can survive and eventually thrive.

What does this mean OutofLives.Net and BuyTCG.cards?

The benefit of this collaboration is twofold both a mutually beneficial partnership for the two parties with the winners being our audience. Having more eyes on not only both parties but a bigger awareness of the UK card game scene will allow players to know what is happening and where. For those unable to attend events have a valuable breakdown of the day’s happenings and finally, through our partnership, we are able to offer an exclusive discount on top of BuyTCG.cards already low prices.

A word from BuyTCG.cards

“Hello all! We, at Buytcg.cards, are excited to work with OutOfLives.net on creating some exciting content for all sorts of card games!  Starting with Cardfight!! Vanguard and, fan-favorite, Dragon Ball Super Card Game
There are lots of attractions planned, so make sure to check it up regularly” – Buytcg.cards Team.

To top it all off we are able to offer 7% on all products excluding tickets simply apply the code ” 1liveup ” and the discount is automatically applied. With that, we hope that this new direction will help see an ever-expanding UK scene thrive. For further questions follow @scottsedman and @buytcgcards and we will address as much as we can.

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Scott is the Co-Founder and Content Producer here at OutofLives and provides unique insight due to the disability he embraces.
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